10 years of the MUN-SI Program

A decade of community intervention ...

The MUN SI program, coordinated by CEIDSS, appears in 2008 after the publication of the Chilhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative/WHO Europe study that revealed Portugal as one of the countries with the highest prevalence of overweight and childhood obesity in Europe.

This health promotion program is developed through a multidisciplinary approach and a continuous and interactive intervention, seeking to involve the children, school setting and local community.

After more than a decade, CEIDSS celebrates the close collaboration with the municipality of Oeiras, which has been our partner since this program was established.



“Think Global, Act Local”


CEIDSS is committed to improving the health of our children and their families through the MUN-SI program.


Read our factsheet  that includes the results of 10 years of community & school-based intervention and our goals for the next decade!

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