BEST-REMAP organizes final conference at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health in Paris

From 18 to 20 September 2023, the final Best-ReMaP conference, “From Evidence to Action – Sustaining the Impact of Best-ReMaP”, took place in Paris. Best-ReMaP is a European Union project dedicated to promoting children’s well-being and health through an evidence-based approach to addressing crucial issues in their food choices.

The aim of the Best-ReMaP project was to implement health interventions that have proven to be effective, based on practices that have been proven to work in the areas of food reformulation, regulation of food advertising aimed at children and the purchase of healthy foods by public bodies in the agri-food sector, thus helping to increase the supply of healthier processed food options (reducing the salt, sugar and fat of processed foods) available on EU (super)markets.

Ana Rito
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