CEIDSS organizes 2nd Career Day (1st part) for young people at INSA

On October 20th, CEIDSS organized the 1st part of the 2nd edition of the “Career Day – On the Food Route” event, which took place at the Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge (INSA). This event was attended by young people from the 12th year of the Science and Technology course at the Frei Gonçalo de Azevedo Secondary School in Cascais.

This event was organized with the support of EIT Food, an organization co-funded by the European Union, and was attended by 12th graders from the Science and Technology course at Frei Gonçalo de Azevedo Secondary School, Cascais. The event’s programme included the participation of 7 speakers, unit managers from the Food and Nutrition Department (DAN), who shared their testimonies about their academic and professional careers, as well as the tasks and activities carried out in their day-to-day work at INSA.

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