CEIDSS participates in the kick-off meeting of the new European project BETTER4U

On 1st and 2nd November, CEIDSS attended the launch meeting of the new European project BETTER4U at Harokopio University in Athens, Greece.

BETTER4U is a 4-year project funded by the European HORIZON-HLTH-2022 Programme, which aims to identify and personalise the management of all the determinants of weight gain in order to combat the growing prevalence of overweight/obesity, through public health initiatives and key interventions that are globally adaptable and evaluated in practice.

This project focuses on investigating the global challenge of obesity, studying the problem and offering solutions in a realistic and tangible way, with the support of modern artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and the contribution of experts from around the world.

At this 2-day meeting, the project’s Consortium met to present and discuss the BETTER4U Work Packages, their scientific objectives and tasks, results, deadlines, as well as the contribution of each partner. In addition to the presentations, the meeting included an interactive session where the partners had the opportunity to share ideas and perspectives on the project’s recommendations and dissemination, exploitation and communication plan.

CEIDSS will be a partner in this European project, contributing to the design of behavioural and environmental indicators related to weight gain, the BETTER4ALL pilot study and the development of the clinical trial design. In addition, the CEIDSS team will implement and continuously monitor the intervention, as well as contribute to the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and budget impact of the intervention.

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