EIT Food is an organization co-funded by the European Union that develops and supports projects in the area of food systems, investing in collaborations with organizations and professionals working to improve current food systems, making them healthier and more sustainable.

The Career Days project, developed by the organization, aims to illustrate to the next generation of children and teenagers the paths needed to start careers linked to the agri-food sector, from agriculture, industry, to academia and research, as well as entrepreneurs and start-up creators linked to the area.

In 2022, CEIDSS organized a Career Day in Portugal, with the support of EIT Food, under the theme “On the Food Route”, aimed at primary school children in the municipality of Cascais. This event was supported by Cascais City Council and aimed to introduce children to some of the professions related to food (farmer, beekeeper, nutritionist and chef) by organizing fun, educational and practical outdoor activities, favouring family contact with nature. The children had the opportunity to explore issues related to the principles of healthy and sustainable eating in its most diverse aspects, from a “Farm to Fork” perspective.