Preventing obesity through Biologically and bEhaviorally Tailored inTERventions for you – BETTER4U is a 4 years-project funded by the European HORIZON-HLTH-2022 Programme that aims at the identification and personalized management of all weight gain determinants to battle the increasingly rising numbers of overweight/obesity, via homogenous, globally adaptable and practically assessed public health initiative and key interventions.

This project foccus on probe into the global obesity challenge, study the problem and offer solutions in a tangible realistic way with the assistance of modern artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and the contribution of experts around the world.

CEIDSS will be a partner of this European project, contributing to the behavioural and environmental indicator deing related to weight gain, carrying out the BETTER4ALL pilot study and the development of the randomized controlled trial design. Additionally, CEIDSS team will implement and continuous monitor the intervention as well as contribute to the assessment of the intervention´s cost-effectiveness and budget impact.