As part of its scientific programs and projects, CEIDSS develops research in Nutrition and Public Health with a strong component in tackling and studying the risk factors of non-communicable diseases such as obesity.


Lines of Research

  • Child nutrition surveillance
  • Childhood obesity and risk factors
  • Public health policies for children and adolescents
  • First 1000 days of life
  • Food Marketing
  • Global nutrition – malnutrition in migrant populations
  • Community nutrition and health – healthy cities
  • School-based child health intervention

If you are doing a Master’s or Doctorate in the specified areas and you are interested in joining the CEIDSS research team, you should contact us via email:



Maria Sofia Mendes

Master in Public HealthEscola Nacional de Saúde Publica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Joana Baleia

Master in EpidemiologyFaculdade de Medicina Universidade de Lisboa