MUN-SI Draws Basket of Fruit and Vegetables

MUN-SI (Program for the Promotion of Child Health in Municipalities) and the Municipality of Cascais, through the Health Promotion Division (DIPS), launched a raffle for a vegetables and fruit basket aimed at students from 24 classes of the 1st cycle (3rd and 4th grades). This raffle took place in partnership with Terras de Cascais from Cascais.

This initiative, which is part of the MUN-SI 19/20 project, promoted by the Municipality of Cascais, is part of the Health at School Platform with the purpose of mobilizing the school community in the municipality and their families to adopt healthier lifestyles, promoting the consumption of fruit and vegetables at home.

From the draw launched by the program, a student from the EB1 Areia Guincho School was awarded as winner, who received a stuffed horticultural package from the Lands of Cascais.



In the face of the pandemic, the confinement of students and families and the suspension of teaching activities, MUN-SI was transformed into MUN-SI Online, continuing to embody concerns for those children who, staying outside normal school routines, reduce levels of physical activity and tend to increase the intake of more caloric foods.

The MUN-SI Online project started on May 8 with the participation of 24 classes. The activities started with sending emails to teachers with dietary recommendations, which are the vehicle of information between MUN-SI Online and the families / guardians of the students.

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