CEIDSS team participates in the 31st European Congress on Obesity in Venice

The 31st European Congress on Obesity was held in Venice between the 12th and 15th of May 2024. The congress had plenary and topic sessions, teaching workshops, and moderated research communication sessions. Programme topics were organised into four main areas of ‘Basic Science’; ‘Behavioural and Public Health’; ‘Childhood and Adolescent Obesity’; and ‘Management and Intervention’.

The Director of CEIDSS, Ana Rito, presented an oral communication entitled: “Trends in overweight and obesity in Portuguese primary school children: a one and half decade of the COSI/WHO Europe study (2008 -­ 2022)”.

Inês Figueira and Fátima Martins, research assistants of CEIDSS, presented 2 posters entitled: “Sucessful community-based interventions to tackle obesity in Portugal: lessons learned to support BETTER4U – an innovative European project” and “Associations between family socioeconomic factors, overweight and unhealthy eating habits after COVID-19 pandemic, in school-age children in Portugal”.

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